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Photography is a passionate hobby of mine.

With some apprehension over the price, I bought a Canon EOS D30 digital SLR camera at the beginning of 2001. Almost 20000 frames later, I haven't looked back. It has revived my inspiration and creativity, as if it had transported me back 14 years to when I bought my first SLR, the Canon EOS 650 (the first Canon EOS SLR, along with the 620).

It wasn't because it was a new camera; a thief had triggered the replacement of the 650 with an Elan II and I simply continued to feel like a family snapshot photographer. No, the change was because I had been liberated from the cost consciousness and delayed feedback of using film. I can experiment with virtually no incremental cost, and get near instant gratification (or frustration, as the case may be). I felt as if I was rediscovering the joy in photography.

Now I find I am slowly building a web page with some of the images I have made and found interesting. My goal is simply to share. And if you are at all considering "going digital", maybe these words and images will help you decide.

Images copyright Norman Lyon.